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Electrical Circuit


In 1999, ou sister company LEXEN SA installed the first voltage stabilizers in Switzerland. They were produced by a foreign company and Lexen SA was the exclusive distribution and service partner, selling over 600 voltage stabilizers until 2016 to both public and private clients (hospitals, schools, public lighting, shopping centers, office buildings, swimming pools, etc.).


20 years later, VoltControl SA was founded by the same team to design, produce and sell a brand new generation of Swiss Made voltage stabilizers: more efficient, more powerful and connected to a cloud-based software to measure and analyze the electricity consumption of large buildings in real time. To date, Over 100 new VoltControl devices have already been installed in Switzerland and in Europe, helping clients saving 8-15% off their electricity bill, while doubling the lifespan of all electrical equipement and also  reducing the buildings' carbon footprint.


A good gesture both for the wallet and the planet!

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