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Examples of client projects

Here are some examples of buildings where the installation of a VoltControl voltage stabilizer brought significant savings to the client.


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This luxury hotel of 60 rooms with spa is located ot top of a mountain in Central Switzerland. Electricity is a significant part of the operating costs of the building, even during the lower season. 


After the installation of a VoltControl voltage stabilizer, electricity consumption was reduced by 14,5%, with a calculated return on investment of 3,8 years for the owner of the hotel. At the reception desk, clients waiting for check-in may discover the live data showing the current savings realized with the VoltControl on electricity and CO2.

Hotel Room


A leading Swiss retail chain has taken active measures against the rise of enegry prices by installing numerous photovoltaic cells on the roof of its larger buildings.


To further reduce the electricity bills and stabilize the higher tension created by the solar production, several VoltControl devices have been placed in the main buildings, offering average savings of 12,3%, with a calculated return on investment of 3,2 years.

Clothing Store in the Mall


Industrial buildings are often very important electricity consumers, due to the size of the building and the number of machines used in an intensive way during the production process. The savings potential is higher on equipement running 7/24 in a regulard manner than only a few times per day with a high power peak.

This factory producing bio fertilizers has a large building complex in Central Switzerland equipped with a photovoltaic plant on the roof. The voltage stabilizer has been installed in a way that includes the solar electricity injected in the building, protecting the electrical appliances against voltage peaks and saving 9.7% on the electricity consumption.

Chemical works


Electricity is an important part of fixed costs for large buildings with high occupancy rates troughout the year like nursing homes and hospitals. They have a whole range of expensive electrical equipments increasing the building's consumption, but also worth protecting from voltage peaks.

This psychiatric hospital in Western Switzerland has decided to purchase a VoltControl device and now saves 14,1% off its electricity bill every year. Another positive effect of a lower voltage has already been acknowedged with a much longer lifespan of LED lamps in the parking area.

Hospital Staff


Most office buildings are not fully used during the night and on week-ends, but they are still consuming electricity even in these quieter periods. Large office spaces with over 50 workplaces can already benefit from a voltage stabilizer.

This headquarter of a large company near Zürich is saving 9,6% on its electricity consumption since the installation of a VoltControl device.

Modern Office Building


Despite the fact that they are not used at night, on week-ends and during the holidays, large school buildings may still be among the biggest electricity consumers in certain small cities, especially if they also have a indoor swimming pool and a restaurant.

This modern school complex in Western Switzerland is saving 10,1% on its electricity consumption, with a calculated ROI of 4,8 years.

Children going to school


Lighting systems in tunnels are both expensive and complex electrical installations that have to stay always in function for security reasons. More over, to replace lamps in a tunnel, the maintenance team is obliged to close it during their work.

Thanks to its Voltcontrol voltage stabilizer, this road tunnel near Lausanne is not only saving 16,3% on its electricity consumption, but also a lot of time and money in maintenance with the much longer lifespan of the expensive lamps.

Tunnel Road


Indoor pools, thermal baths, large spas and aquatic centers are using a lot of electricity day and night for the pumps and also the filtration systems to maintain the water quality at the best level. Lighting, hair dryers and other appliances add up to the electricity comsumption when guests are using the premises.

This large aquatic complex located in Central Switzerland decided to install a VoltControl device to save on its high electricity bill and to extend the lifespan of its expensive electrical equipment, which in turn should lower the maintenance and repair costs. The voltage stabilizer now provides direct savings of 9,8% and further significant  indirect savings thanks to lower maintenance costs.

Spa Pool


Large retail outlets have high electricity needs, especially furniture and lighting exhibitions staying on all night to attract the client's interest. They also have large client parkings lighted all day for comfort and security reasons.

This well known furniture retail chain has over 20 sales outlets throughout Switzerland and is looking to keep costs under control to offer better prices to its customers. Intrested by the VoltControl savings soution, the company decided to do a pilot installation close to its headquarters. After a few months, direct savings of 10,5% were recorded, so the company decided to order several more voltage stabilizers for its larger outlets across Switzerland.

Furniture Store


Image by Wassim Chouak

Sometimes clients stop there not to buy gas, but food or cigarettes: gas station have evolved from fuel distributor to convenience store open 7 days a week during 14-16 hours.

Their electrical equipment often includes fridges, freezers, an oven to cook bread and pastries, a coffee machine, etc. Outside lighting and a car wash area are further electricity consumers.

After a first pilot installation, this large gas station operator decided to buy further voltage stabilizers for its larger sites. In this case, the client was happy with average direct savings of 11,6% on electricity, but the indirect savings were even higher: for intensively used equipment, doubling their lifespan was key to reach a better return on investment.

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