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Project milestones

Over the years, we have developed a structured process to ensure a seamless project management for our clients. Each step must be completed and validated by the client before starting the next one.

We are supporting the client during the whole process and also beyond the commisioning of the voltage stabilizer with a vast array of services.

Electronic Circuit Board

The VoltControl process

1. Data Gathering

Collection of relevant data for the selected building

4. On-site Visit

On-site visit and measures to confirm the estimated savings potential

7. Delivery

Delivery and installation of the voltage stabilizer

2. Data Analysis

Savings potential analysis based on the data 

5. Firm Offer

Firm offer sent to the client according to his choice: purchase, leasing or rental

8. Monitoring

Electricity use and savings data available in real time

3. Indicative Offer

Savings potential and ROI for the client

6. Client Order

Offer accepted and voltage stabilizer ordered by the client

9. Services

Data & savings analysis, alarms and maintenance

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