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Electricity prices in Switzerland for 2022 and forecast till 2025

Despite the current surge of electricity prices in Europe, the forecasted rise in 2022 should be limited to an average of 3% in Switzerland. However, with about 600 utility companies in the country, there is no centralized pricing. This means that electricity companies without long-term supply contracts will be obliged to buy electricity at the current market price in 2022 or 2023. This higher purchasing cost will be passed on to the clients, who might see their bills increase by 5 to 20% in certain regions of Switzerland.

The outlook for 2023-2025 is also rather bleak both for consumers and companies as the current negotiations between the EU and Switzerland are slow and difficult, including in the energy sector. In October 2021, the Swiss government issued a warning to the country's 30'000 largest electricity consumers, urging them to save electricity till 2025, when the long-term supply contract with the EU will come to an end. They also asked the Energy Department of Mrs Sommaruga to present a study of the potential solutions leading to a better electrical efficiency till 2025.

For these 30'000 largest electricity consumers, VoltControl should be considered as a solution to quickly reduce their consumption by 10-15%!



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